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Due to poor air quality we will be worshiping online only on Sunday, 9/13. Click the link for more information and directions for accessing the online worship service.

Does this mean that church is canceled?
No! It simply means we will not gather together in-person this weekend.

How will we do church?
Just like we did just a few months back, we will gather online at 9:30am for a time of celebration.

Where can I find church online?
There are multiple options to worship with us online:

  1. On the Christ Community Church App- open the app and click on the tab “Church At Home” to access the video. Still need to download the app? CLICK HERE to find more information.
  2. On Facebook- Join us at or just CLICK THE LINK.
  3. On the church website- Go to or click WATCH ON WEBSITE.

What will service look like?
Pastor Eli and Alaina are working right now to put together a worship opportunity. Due to the lateness of the week we will be including some worship songs recorded earlier in the summer. We will also have some time for prayer, confession and absolution, and Pastor Eli will continue with our series on Ruth.

Can’t we just move inside at Windy Hills Winery?
We considered this option but due to state restrictions on gathering size, there just isn’t enough room for us there. We also do not want to encourage anyone to go out to drive to church. The air quality is extremely unhealthy (Portland recorded the worst air quality in the world this morning) and we believe for this weekend it will be better for everyone to limit their movements.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email the office at and we will be happy to answer them for you.