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Honest to God: A Study in Habakkuk

Do you remember the late night radio shows from past decades? You know, the ones where people call in and discuss the problems in their love lives with someone on the air? The book of Habakkuk has a lot of similarities to an old late night radio call in show as the prophet Habakkuk, in the midst of extreme frustration, cries out his troubles and gets and answer from God.



Part 3: Habakkuk- Seeing Evil, Finding Good

Pastor Eli Thomas- February 16, 2020

When we look around sometimes it can seem as though the world is broken beyond repair. All we see is hurt and pain, greed and selfish desires- the mark of evil. But God’s promises hope to Habakkuk, the promise of a future when evil will be vanquished and love will rule the day.



Part 2: Habakkuk- Learning to Lament

Pastor Eli Thomas- February 9, 2020

Sometimes things get to the point where they are completely out of our control. This is the day when the terminal diagnosis comes, or the marriage ends, or the the money dries up, or something that is so big it can only be called a “GOD SIZED PROBLEM.” Habakkuk teaches us to lament, to cry out to God from our despair and surrender our problem to His hands.



Part 1: Habakkuk- Faith & Frustration

Pastor Eli Thomas- February 2, 2020

A relationship with God is about honesty. Habakkuk is a man in the midst of extreme frustration. He cries out to God and tells Him exactly what he thinks and God answers his cry with a promise. We begin our new series by discovering the theme of Habakkuk and what to do when frustration threatens to overwhelm our lives.



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