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Our Mission: That all would personally know Christ as Lord and Savior

Our Purpose: KNOW Christ | SHOW Love | GROW Followers


We want you to feel comfortable just as you are. Worshiping Jesus doesn't require you to dress or look a certain way. Christ Community is a group of young people and old people, married people and single people.
You are welcome to come as you are! 

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Body By Jesus
HOLY: Living Holy in an Unholy World- Part 7
What do we see when we look in the mirror? Are we content with what we see or do we wish we could fix what is broken? Our physical bodies are directly connected to our pursuit of holiness, in fact, they are the very temples of God's holy presence. What if instead of seeing something that is broken, we instead recognized our bodies as God's dwelling place and committed our physical selves to our pursuit of holiness?

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God is Using Your Generosity to do Big Things

Giving of our finances is an act of worship. By giving back to God out of the blessings that he has poured out on us we acknowledge the source of all that we have. You can give confidently knowing that online giving is secure and your finances are protected.

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