Our Values

At Christ Community our goal is simple, to make Christ known to those in our community so that they might experience the life changing love of a merciful and gracious God. Our Core Values highlight those things that we hold as important in carrying out our mission as followers of Christ.

Growing God’s Kingdom:
Our united purpose is to share the good news of the Gospel with those apart from Christ wherever they are. The congregation is not the mission, the congregation is established by God to accomplish THE mission: To share Jesus.

Christ-centered Ministry and Education:
In everything, our authority is the Bible. We believe that growing in our faith and knowledge of Christ is meant to be an exciting lifelong adventure through which we grow toward Christian maturity. We promote personal, spiritual growth through effective Bible teaching and training for service.

Inspiring Worship:
The example of Scripture is clear, in the early days of the Church, believers gathered together regularly for community worship, prayer, sharing of the Sacraments, and the preaching of the Word. We believe that this continues to be a necessary part of the Christian journey. But we also believe that church should be an enjoyable experience that draws our attention away from our daily concerns and directs our hearts and minds to God. We seek to design our worship gatherings so that all who come through our doors have opportunity to be lifted up as they actively engage with God.

Christ Centered Living:
We believe a relationship with Christ can make a joyful difference in our daily lives. We share His love with each other and with the world around us. In His name we seek to meet needs. Through personal Bible study and prayer, we continue to grow closer to Christ. We want to reflect His presence in the way we live and relate to others.

Friendship & Fellowship:
Not only do we take joy in worship of God, but we also take joy in fellowship with one another. Our community is one not only of believers in Christ, but also a community of friends. We enjoy company with each other and take opportunity to spend time with one another throughout the week. We want to be friends, and we seek to fulfill that desire with the people we meet. We recognize that we are all a little banged up in life, but that doesn’t change the love that Jesus has for each and every one of us and we desire to share that same love with one another.